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Tweens to Teens – Daisy

Tweens to teens shoots are for those seminal years between 12 and 18 – no longer a child but not quite an adult, a time to experiment with different looks and hobbies, when friendships can be fluid and confidence can be low. These images of twelve year old Daisy were taken in the studio, but they can also take place outdoors, at home, or show casing a well loved hobby. Boys or girls enjoy taking part in these shoots as they are all about them as individuals, rather than as part of a family, and we all know how important it is at this age to assert our independence!

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We take so many photographs when our children are small, and probably have professional shots taken regularly while the kids are “cute” – and co-operative! Our US cousins make much more of the teen years, having a whole “seniors” market where teens who are graduating from High School take part in photo shoot experiences which can often be divided into half a dozen separate shoots across the year! Whilst I can’t see that catching on over here, I do think it’s a shame that we don’t celebrate these sometimes awkward, always precious years in the same way we do the little girl/boy years. If ever there was a time to build our children’s confidence in themselves, in the way they look and the validity of their interests, this is it.

So do build trust with a professional photographer over the years so that your child knows and feels comfortable with that person. You might be pleasantly surprised by the images they will capture for you to treasure!

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Tweens to Teens

For further information, including costs, fill out the enquiry form below, or call Jo on 07725 802690. Talk to me about tailoring a bespoke experience if you would like portraits and on location shoots (e.g.: horse riding or playing sport, for example) and I will quote you individually.


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