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Studio Glamour – Caroline


Most women I photograph are nervous when they arrive for their studio glamour session and Caroline was no exception. She’d sent me a snapshot that was five years old, so I had guessed she wasn’t happy with what she saw in the mirror.

Like many of us, she has feelings of sadness about growing older. It’s as if we are all under some kind of malevolent spell and can’t see what others see. So we spent a while chatting and going through the clothes she had brought with her, until I felt her relax.

This gorgeous red looks fabulous, don’t you think? If red suits you, it’s always a good choice for magazine-style portraits like these.

Contemporary Women's Portraiture

Caroline wanted a few more formal shots that she could use for LinkedIn and in her professional life, so we went with black – still sexy, but not overtly so!
Contemporary Women's Portraiture

Shooting into the back light produces one of my favourite looks. A great contrast to the previous set.

Contemporary Women's Portraiture

Caroline’s look was perfect for flowers in her hair – I think you’ll agree she rocked the purple!

Contemporary Women's Portraiture

I encourage all my ladies to bring a selection of colours and styles so that they get a good variety of portraits to choose from at their viewing. I loved this flesh-toned pink.

Contemporary Women's Portraiture

Caroline was the first to try out my little natural light studio. It’s small, but cosy and, as it’s in my home, tea and biscuits are in good supply – bonus! She also happens to be my little sister and I am so thankful that I was able to do this for her.

My dearest wish is that, after this experience, Caroline will now look in the mirror and see herself as others see her – strong, vibrant and beautiful.

If you’d like to do the same, get in touch. I’d love to design an experience around you.

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