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Neil – Structural Engineer

First impressions count. We all know that. Snap judgements are made within seconds of meeting based on appearance, warmth, handshake. Back in the days of no social media – doesn’t THAT seem like a long time ago? – we arguably didn’t have to think too much about image, unless we were attending an important meeting or wanting to especially impress in some way. Now, there’s no getting away from the fact that our faces are out there. 24/7. And, rightly or wrongly, we are being judged. So our Business Portraits matter more than ever.

Let’s be honest, there are some dire Business Profile Pictures out there. Just scrolling through my LinkedIn contacts, I sometimes wonder – what were you thinking? Did you think that drunken snap taken at the office party makes you look approachable – a “fun” guy? Or, did you really want your business portrait to be the same one as your dating profile pic?

It’s worth thinking about what you want your image to tell the world about you. What is it you want to convey? Confidence? Friendliness? Competence? Trustworthiness? The nature of your business dictates the style of image you need and a good Portrait Photographer will work with you to reflect your personal brand.

Neil is the MD and Principal Structural Engineer at Blackwell Structural Consultants Ltd in Northampton, UK, so all those words apply. He also happens to be my husband, so doesn’t get to “forget” to pay attention to refreshing his profile images every now and again. He finds the process pretty painless these days. It takes up about half an hour of his day if comes into the studio, only a little more if I go to his office for some more environmental shots.

Get in touch if your profile pictures are in need of a refresh.

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