Northamptonshire Portrait Photography

Picture Size DOES Matter!

Have you ever framed a photograph to 8″x10″ and put in on your wall, stood back and thought – oh?  It doesn’t quite have the impact you imagined it would, does it? That beautiful image looks lost above the fireplace.

You see, picture size matters when it comes to your Artwork. At your personal viewing session, we will not only help you make your selections, if you opt for wall art we will help you to decide what size frame or canvas will look best in YOUR space. We can even help you to put together Image Galleries that cannot fail to form a feature in your home.

Here’s an overview of the scale of different sized images seen above a three-four seater sofa. Sometimes, bigger is best – be bold!

Northamptonshire Portrait Photography

NB: Hand crafted Canvases like these start at 18″ x 12″ (the two smaller sizes are not available in this product)

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