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Lizzy – Magazine Model for a Day

Having returned to her hometown of Nuremberg after travelling in Australia, Lizzy is about to embark on an exciting new chapter of her life. Taking up an apprenticeship in design, she is excited by what the future holds – what better time to press the pause button and have a set of beautiful portraits created? What girl wouldn’t enjoy being a magazine model for a day?

Lizzy Couture © Jo Blackwell Studio 07725802690-3_WEBLizzy Couture © Jo Blackwell Studio 07725802690-1_WEBRather than shoot Lizzy in her regular clothes, we had so much fun raiding the growing Studio wardrobe and playing dress-up! And in the process, we captured not only her beauty, but her playful, fun loving personality.Lizzy Couture © Jo Blackwell Studio 07725802690-15_WEBa new chapter

Lizzy Couture © Jo Blackwell Studio 07725802690-7_WEB

Lizzy Couture © Jo Blackwell Studio 07725802690-5_WEB

A photo shoot like this can be a terrific confidence booster for young women who, like Lizzy, are just stepping out into the world. If you would like to treat your daughter, (and if you do, I hope you will consider joining her at the end for some gorgeous mother and daughter portraits!) give me a call to discuss on 07725802690. Or fill out the enquiry form below.

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