Further Training – Part 2

The second part of my training day in Stonehouse with Damian Lovegrove. (You can view part 1 here) There is some (tasteful) nudity in this post, so please be aware it might not be suitable for work.

As you may know, generally I only feature non-models on my website. Many photographers seem to showcase models in their portfolios, indeed, there are some that ONLY publish professional models on their websites. This is fine, but my view is that my clients come in all shapes, sizes and ages and are not professionally trained to pose. My mission is to get the best out of every woman, to get to know her and capture her unique light in the camera. Obviously, that is not possible on a training day when there are many others present, so I feel that these images, though pretty, do not have the same spark as my usual work. However, I learned many valuable techniques which I have been able to incorporate into my workflow and I hope that you enjoy these images.
Fashion PhotographyFashion PhotographyBeautiful Boudoir

Beautiful Boudoir Photography

Tasteful BoudoirTasteful BoudoirFine art nudesFine Art NudesLocation: Eastington Park, Stonehouse

Model: Carla Monaco

Hmua: Vicki Waghorn


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