The Fatherhood Portrait Project is about celebrating men in their caring roles. Like the project on Facebook and share photographs of the good dads in your life.

Celebrating Fatherhood

Fathers teach their children by example what it means to be a man. I’ve heard it said that they are their sons’ first role model and their daughters’ first love.


I have been truly blessed in my life to have been surrounded by good fathers – my son, my husband and my own dear Dad, whose love and strength outlived him to sustain me even now.


This project is my small way of countering the negative images of fatherhood that bombard us – from the “deadbeat dads” stereotype so beloved of the media, to images of the hopeless and the derided in advertisements, to shocking inequalities in the family court system. In a world where “manliness” has almost become a taboo word, I want to celebrate men who flourish in their caring roles. Good dads who are competent, responsible, conscious parents, who cherish their unique role in the lives of their children.


As a participant, you will take part in a photographic session with your child(ren) and spend a little time with me talking about your experience of fatherhood.


I envisage the book taking a similar format to my previous book – 50 Facing 50 – which celebrated life after 50.

The Fatherhood Portrait Project


My usual fee for a full Photography Session is £195, but for your Fatherhood Portrait Project photo session I am asking you to pay whatever you can, with a minimum suggested donation of £50. You can, of course, if you would like to, buy products from my usual price list.  Anything you pay over £50 can be put towards prints, or a wall product etc. I hope you will consider that good value.

How to take part

If you would like to celebrate your role as a dad in this way, or honour your own father, please use the contact form above or email jo@joblackwell.co.uk telling me a little about yourself and your children, including your location, and I will be in touch. Please be aware that you will be required to sign an image release form, allowing me to publish the images we make together in a book, at an Exhibition and on my website and social media.


Please do engage on the Facebook page and share with others who you feel would be interested. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your children!