Children’s Portraits including Wings and Whimsy Enchanted Portraits

Children and Family Photography

They grow up so fast, these precious little ones. I know: my four are now in their twenties! Without photographs, I wouldn’t be able to remember the tender curve of my daughter’s cheek, the way my son’s eyelashes cast spider shadows on his, the soft blonde curls at the back of his neck… Looking at my photographs triggers my sense memory – I can feel the velvety skin of that chubby little arm, smell the baby-smell of my newborn’s head, hear the echo of those priceless giggles.

My aim on a family shoot is to capture all those little things plus the interaction between you all, so that in the years to come, you and your children will look at the images and remember the story of your family. I believe it is important for children to see photographs of themselves on the walls and in albums – it is a concrete signal that they are valued.

    Thank you so much for our beautiful book of memories Jo. It is just the most amazing thing to have and to cherish until we are old and wrinkly. I can’t thank you enough as the memories of our babies will be priceless to us one day.        Sara

Wings and Whimsy Enchanted Portraits

Drawing on literature and art, using bespoke hand made costumes and props, Wings and Whimsy has partnered with beautiful private locations in the heart of England to stage exclusive Portrait Events. For a magical experience your little princes and princesses will always remember, and the chance to own beautiful artwork for your walls that will last long after they have grown, contact Jo for further details. Private commissions are also available. See the dedicated Wings and Whimsy Website for more information.

    Emie literally didn’t let go of her fairy dust yesterday, had it in her hand all afternoon. She’s going to take it school for her show and tell.        Janine