Katy’s Beauty Shoot

I not only took the photographs for this portrait stroke beauty shoot, I can also take credit for helping to make the model. This is my Katy, who left for New Zealand with her husband almost a year ago. I wanted her to travel the world knowing that her beautiful heart is reflected on the outside too.

Beauty portraits

I love the red velvet dress. We took her wedding veil out of storage to have a play and captured some lovely backlit portraits too. I miss her, but I’m very glad to have these photographs around the house!

Katy - Contemporary Beauty Portraits Jo Blackwell Photography 07725 802690-015_WEBKaty - Contemporary Glamour Portraits Jo Blackwell Photography 07725 802690-017-2_WEBKaty - Contemporary Glamour Portraits Jo Blackwell Photography 07725 802690-018_WEBKaty - Contemporary Glamour Portraits Jo Blackwell Photography 07725 802690-020-2_WEBI know I’m biased, but isn’t she a beauty? When she’s next in the UK I’m going to treat her to the complete experience, with hair and make up and costume changes, so that she has a whole folio of gorgeous images to look back on as the years pass.

In the meantime, I’m available to do that for you! Perhaps you have a big birthday coming up, like Katy, or you just want to see yourself as others see you. Whatever your reason, commissioning a portrait is an investment in yourself that will last long after the photoshoot. It changes the way you see yourself and when you see your images on the wall every day, it will reinforce the wonderful feeling that you will take away with you.

Give me a call, or contact me via the enquiry form below, and let’s talk about how YOU want to be photographed.

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