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Personal Branding for 4bar Collective

4bar Collective is the global band that anyone can join. Music Producer, Dan, travels all over the world, collaborating with musicians of all genres, ages, and of varying levels of success. The result is a series of tracks where buskers can find themselves playing virtually, “alongside” chart toppers, rappers with classical musicians, flute overlaying didgeridoo – the possibilities are endless!

Regular readers of this blog will know that Dan is my son. Currently living in Australia, Dan came home for Christmas and took advantage of the opportunity to create a whole series of portraits he can use whenever required. We set out in this Personal Branding session to achieve a variety of looks so that he has something to hand for every conceivable marketing opportunity. Here are a few of my favourites:

Personal BrandingBy leaving space to the left of the portrait below, Dan can add text when required.Personal BrandingCreating something different for a specific track Dan had in mind…
Personal BrandingPersonal BrandingTwo very different moods to these portraits, showing just two aspects of Dan’s personality.Personal BrandingMoving away from the edgier shots, we set out to create something straightforward, warm and friendly below.Personal Branding
Personal BrandingPlus a few “fashion” shots to update his modelling portfolio. (Musicians often need to supplement their income. From fruit picking to shop work, from care work to modelling, Dan works like a Trojan to fund the non-profit 4bar Collective).

Personal Branding

Personal BrandingOnce we’d created enough images, I set to work producing a set in both colour and black and white. The tones in the two sets are made to work together for a consistent “feel”. In Dan’s case, I decided to use two very different finishes for the black and whites, both contrast-y, but some with a Matte, cinematic feel.   I selected some to be made into standalone “fine art” pieces (such as the two in this piece). Finally, Dan selected an image to use as a base for a bespoke-design Facebook Timeline Cover.

The end result:Personal Branding

You can follow Dan’s travels with 4bar Collective on his Facebook page. Message him to take part, whether as a musician, videographer, photographer, dancer, or sponsor.

If you would like to have a Personal Branding Session like this, use the contact form above or email, or phone 07725 802690 for a no-strings, friendly chat.

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