Daisy in the Flowers

I love flowers, though, sadly, I am not adept at growing them! Over the past few months I have been collecting artificial blooms. So beautiful, and in no way comparable to the awful, hard plastic “fakes” of my youth! For a long time now,


image © Tatler Magazine, www.tatler.com

I’ve been wanting to make a flower wall – a back drop for my portrait clients so romantic and pretty it takes your breath away. Recently, Tatler Magazine ran this cover featuring Audrey Hepburn for their June issue and it made me even more determined to make my own.

I finally have enough flowers and am beginning to attach them to a board, ready for the next portrait customer whose beauty will be enhanced by these gorgeous blooms. I design every shoot individually, according to my customer’s colouring, clothing choices and personality, but there aren’t many women who wouldn’t look fabulous when photographed among flowers.

Daisy came to see me and agreed to be my guinea pig. We arranged the still loose flower heads on the floor and she had a fit of the giggles as I loomed precariously over her with the aid of a wobbly chair. (Don’t worry, when YOU come to see me, you’ll be upright!) Eventually, though, I think you’ll agree, she nailed the shot and was, indeed, Queen among the flowers! I’m looking forward to finishing the flower wall – my studio looks so darn pretty!


Northampton Portrait Photographer

Northampton Portrait Photographer

The flowers even look pretty in mono

Northampton Portrait Photographer

Northampton Portrait Photographer

…but I have to say, I love colour the best!

Get in touch if you’d like beautiful images of yourself, or your daughter. I’d love to design an experience around you.

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